The Timbers Grand Opening March 7th!
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The Timbers Grand Opening March 7th!
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The Timbers Grand Opening March 7th!
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Welcome Home

Joseph Creek Homes are designed to last so you can focus on the people you love in a space crafted for memory-making.
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Where We Build

Based in San Antonio, Joseph Creek Homes builds homes throughout the Hill Country and South Texas. Whether you’re looking for a home in a safe and friendly neighborhood or envision one built on your own land, we’re here to serve. From Kerrville and Blanco down to Floresville, Joseph Creek Homes is developing communities around San Antonio and will build on your land in surrounding areas. Unsure whether your land falls within our reach? Contact us today to find out.
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Watch as Joseph Creek Homes partners David Matlock and Patrick Thompson talk with American Dream TV host Jen Guidry about what makes buying a Joseph Creek Home the best decision you'll ever make. And learn more about our Rhine Valley community while you're at it!

How We Do It

1. Plan

The first step in our homebuilding process is getting to know the people we’re building a home for. That’s why we start with a consultation. Whether it is in one of our community sales offices or on your lot, we’ll get to know each other as you ask questions and spend some time with a company that’s equally as enthusiastic about your future home as you are. We will also use this time to get on the same page with you about your home, educate you on our home building process and discuss our design consultation contract as we begin this journey together. 

2. Design

This design stage, the first of two, is focused on making your future house feel like yours. During this time, we’ll identify where you’d like your home built and review the topography and size of the lot. After that, we’ll help you select a floor plan that fits your wants and needs. The selection process will continue with your first Design Center meeting where you’ll pick out all the fun details of your home, including:
  • Lighting Package
  • Floors and Tile
  • Paint Colors
  • Hardware
  • Roofing
  • Exterior

3. Finance

We believe everyone’s dream home should be achievable, and managing the budget for your new home is a major part of that. Once you have made your final plan selection and design selections we will move to the signing of the contract. We pride ourselves on the transparency of our process, and our contracts are no different. We’ll review the contract with you and ensure everything is in order before you sign on the dotted line. After the contract is signed we will assist you, if needed, in locating a mortgage lender or discuss other options for the purchase of your new home.   

4. Design (again!)

Before we start the construction process, we want you to feel confident in all your design choices. Your Sales Consultant or one of our Design Consultants will go through your final design selections in detail with you. With so many decisions to make, making selections can feel overwhelming. Luckily, our consultants are highly experienced and will skillfully guide you through our design options to help make the process simple. They will help you envision what your selections (or “selects” for short) will look like in your new home and collaborate with you to ensure the finished design beautifully reflects your tastes.

5. Build

Now it’s time to bring your vision to life! We’ll start the construction process by obtaining the proper permits. After that, we’ll lay the foundation and build the framing. We’ll then complete the dry-in of the home and move on to the rough mechanicals, including the plumbing, electric, and HVAC systems. A comprehensive inspection, one of many in our process, called the Framing, Electrical, Mechanical, & Plumbing Inspection (or FEMP Inspection) will be done afterwards. From this point your home’s interior will be drywalled and painted. The exterior of the home will be completed based on your design selects before your interior selections such as counters, flooring, and hardware are installed.

6. Inspect

Though we’ll conduct thorough inspections as each portion of your home is built, once we have successfully completed construction on your home, we’ll have a final third-party inspection. We do this to ensure quality and guarantee that your home meets the high standards that we set for Joseph Creek Homes. We build each home as if one of our family members was going to live in that home. Lastly, we’ll seek approval from our most important critic: you. You’ll be able to walk through the home you dreamt of and point out any remaining touch-ups so that your home meets all your standards before the final and most exciting step.

7. Close

Congratulations! The process is complete!
Once your home passes the final inspections, we’ll finish off with any last pieces of paperwork before handing you the keys to your dream home. This is truly our favorite step in the process. Joseph Creek Homes sets out to help make your dream home achievable, and nothing beats the feeling of getting to make that happen.
With keys in hand, you’ll be able to move into your brand-new home and start making memories to last a lifetime in a home built to last even longer.

What We Offer


Knowledge is power and knowing your options is powerful. We bring 25+ years of home-building experience and take the time to answer your questions, review design options, and walk you through each step of the process so every decision you make is an informed one.


To craft homes that last a lifetime, quality must be ensured from the beginning. That’s why Joseph Creek Homes completes 13+ inspections from start to finish. We minimize the punch list and provide you peace of mind by making sure it’s done right the first time.


As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of building more than just homes, but relationships. We're committed to getting to know your family and your needs, working together through the tough decisions, and celebrating victories big and small.

Building Dreams: The Joseph Creek Homes Promise of Quality Assurance

Joseph Creek Homes goes beyond building structures, focusing on creating spaces where life unfolds. At Joseph Creek Homes we employ third-party inspectors at every construction stage, ensuring homes exceed industry standards. Crafted with care for families, homes undergo comprehensive inspections, with homeowners' feedback valued for the final touch, making Joseph Creek Homes a top choice for dream homes.
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